Delete Path Collection

The Delete Collection tool is used to delete a group of paths simultaneously or to delete a hard to select bottom or top path in a selected area. You select a group using either a rectangular or a circular enclosing area. The only other “construction” (destruction?) option is the type of paths to delete.

  • Delete: All
  • Delete: Points
  • Delete: Guide Lines
  • Delete: Free Draws
  • Delete: Line Segments
  • Delete: Bottom Path
  • Delete: Top Path

The reason for the Points, Guide Lines, Free Draws and Line Segments options is that those types of paths are often used as auxiliary paths in the construction of other paths. For example, to use the Point Trace Polygon tool you first need to layout a collection of points. You then trace out the polygon along those points. Once you have the polygon, you probably want to get rid of the points. See also the Delete tool which is useful in deleting individual paths. The last two options, Bottom Path and Top Path, are convenience tools you might need when it’s difficult to select either the top or bottom path in a region. For instance, maybe you were using an equilateral triangle to help place points for a construction, but now it’s buried beneath several other path. The Bottom Path option would allow you to easily delete it.