Arc Reshape

The Arc Reshape tool allows you to reposition the Bezier Points on the side of a path (polygon or line segment) so that the side bows outward or inward. Drag your finger nearer or farther from the midpoint of the side to increase or decrease the amount of bowing and to switch the side of the bowing. At the midpoint itself the bowing will appear to be a half circle. See also the Reshape Side tool for more ways to reshape the Bezier Points on a side. [Read More]

Change Number of Bezier Points

The Change Bezier Point Number tool allows you to change the number of Bezier Points on the sides of certain paths. Any polygon or segment has Bezier points. The number of points initially on a side of a path is set during its construction using the Bezier Point Option Button. This will set the initial number of Bezier points for all sides of the path. If you want to change that number after construction, you can use this tool. [Read More]

Move Bezier Point

The Move Bezier Point tool lets you stretch the straight sides of many paths (Rectangles, Triangles, Regular Polygons, etc.) by moving their Bezier points. Bezier points are guide points that control the drawing of the side. By default, they lie on the side itself so the side is simply drawn straight. However, if you move them, you can create many interesting effects. You can lock onto a Bezier point in two ways: Touch it directly if you know where it is. [Read More]

Reset Bezier Points

The Reset Bezier Points on Side tool will return all the Bezier Points on a side of a path to their original positions thus making the side straight again. You can reset the Bezier points in two ways: Simply touch the Bezier point if you know where it is. This might be difficult since the points are invisible. Select a path by touching one of its Snapping Points (such as a corner or center) and then drag your finger onto one of the Bezier points. [Read More]

Reshape Side

The Reshape Side tool will adjust the Bezier Points on the side of certain paths (polygons and segments) so that the side is reshaped into either: a custom shape defined using either the Sample Bezier Point Tool or the Custom Transformation Dialog (explained below) or a stock shape such as a half circle, an inverted half circle, a sine wave, or one of several other preset Bezier Point configurations. [Read More]

Sample Bezier Shape

The Sample Bezier Shape tool is used with the Reshape Side tool. It extracts the relative Bezier point locations from the side of a polygon or segment and allows you to save them in one of the Custom Shape slots. You can then use these saved Bezier point location settings to recreate the shape with the Reshape Side tool as much as you want.