Mark Point Polygon

The Mark Point Polygon tool is similar to the Point Trace Polygon tool except that instead of laying out Points in advance you “mark” the vertices with the Mark Button

Simply move your finger to a position and press the mark button to select the next vertex. You can use the Drag Constraint button
to align the next vertex horizontally or vertically with the last vertex. If Snapping is enabled you can also snap to points on other paths to help define your polygon. There’s nothing stopping you from laying the corners in advance with the Point tool, but in that case it’d probably be easier to use the Point Trace Polygon tool. The polygon created has Bezier Points and Vertices and can be manipulated with Move Bezier Point tools and the Move Vertex tools. Also, as usual, you can set the initial number of Bezier points on every side during construction. If for some reason you need to select a vertex twice you can use the construction option “allow snap to self”. Here’s an example of Mark Point Polygon construction: