Move Vertex by Vector Reference

The Move Vertex by Vector Reference tool allows you to reposition a vertex of a polygon relative to another vertex and a user defined vector. You can reposition it based on either the vector’s length, rotation, or both. First select a vertex of the polygon. Now, drag your finger over to another vertex and press the Mark button to select it. This selected vertex will be the one that’s moved. You now need to select a reference vector. You might, for instance, use a Line Segment or the side of another polygon. Drag your finger to beginning of the vector. Mark it. Drag you finger to the other end of the vector. Mark it. Now select the method of copying the vector

  • Copy distance
  • Copy rotation
  • Copy distance and rotation

The only other construction option available is whether to leave in place the Bezier Points associated with the vertex being moved or to allow them to move. Keeping them in place might cause a warping effect similar to that produced by the Move Vertex (Warp) tool. This video demonstrates the construction.