Change Color Component

The Change Color Component tool lets you change one of the Red, Green, Blue, or Alpha (transparency) components of one of the Paint Layers of a path. Every color is defined by these three components. The top Option Button of the tool allows you to select which layer to operate on: Bottom, Middle, or Top. The next option button allows you to select which component (again: Red, Green, Blue, Alpha) to change. [Read More]

Change Paint

The Change Paint tool will replace all the existing paint layers of the selected path with the layers in the currently selected paint set. Unless the path has been Scaled (discussed below), the only option available when changing the paint on a path is whether to completely replace its Paint layers with the currently selected paint layers or to change only the colors of the paint layers. When changing only the colors, the other attribures of the layers, such as stroke width, join type, cap type, etc. [Read More]

Sample Colors

The Sample Colors tool lets you import the Paint Layers of an existing path into your palette (the list of saved Color Sets). Simply tap a path, and you’ll be presented with a dialog asking if you wish to import the Paint Layers. This might be necessary, for instance, if you’ve imported another model into your existing model. In that case, you might not have the Paint Layers of the imported paths in your current Palette. [Read More]