Centers of Triangle

The Centers of Triangle tool allows you to create a Point at four possible “centers” of a triangle. The InCenter which is the point where the three angle bisectors of the triangle intersect. The CircumCenter where the perpendicular bisectors of the sides of the triangle intersect. The Centroid where the medians of the triangle intersect. The OrthoCenter where the altitudes of the triangle intersect. [Read More]


When paths are created, they have a natural center point. The Recenter tool allows you to reposition that center point. The initial touch selects the path to recenter. After the path is selected, drag your finger to the point of the new center and press the Mark Button to recenter the path. Recentering affects how other tools are applied to the path. For instance, the Rotate tool rotates a path around its center. [Read More]

Restore Natural Center

When a path is constructed, it has a natural center, however this center can be reposition using the Recenter tool. The Natural Recenter tool will restore the path’s natural center. Simply tap the path on one of its snapping points, and if its center has been repositioned previously, it will be restored. See the Recenter tool for why you might want to recenter a path.