Move Vertex (Warp)

The Move Vertex (Warp) tool acts similarly to the Move Vertex tool. It allows you to move the vertices of polygons, the end points of segments and arrows, the corners of leaves, and the tips of petals. The key difference is that it leaves the Bezier points for the sides in place. (For an explanation of Bezier points, see the Move Bezier Point tool.) This will cause the sides to warp as the vertex is moved. It might be surprising that by leaving them in place the side becomes warp, but think of it like this. If you move the end of a length of rigid wire without constraining it, the whole wire moves, but if you hold the center of the wire fixed and then move an end point, the wire bends. That’s what’s happening here. Other than this, the tool works exactly as the Move Vertex tool. See its documentation for details. Here’s an example of using the Warp version of the tool.