The Star tool allows you to create conventional stars and also several different many-pointed shapes that we’ll loosely call Stars. Here are some examples.

To draw a Star you need to define these things:

  • inner radius
  • outer radius
  • the number of points
  • whether or not the star is “twisted”

First drag outward from the center (which is the initial touch point). You’ll see an outlined polygon showing you either where the points of the star will be placed or where inner corners of the star will be placed. Which one depends on whether you’re defining an inner radius or an outer radius. Mark the initial radius. You can use the Drag Constraints button to help place the initial radius point. From here, if you drag outward, this initial radius will be an inner radius. If you drag inward, it’ll be an outer radius. For a Normal star, the points are projected directly outward from the center and exactly between the inner corners of the star. A Twisted star lets you rotate these points around the outer radius. The inner corners remain fixed. The last three examples in the picture above are Twisted stars. Here’s an example of Star construction.

One other construction option you can use is the Bezier Points button. It looks like this and controls how many Bezier Points are created for each side. See the Move Bezier Point tool for how to use these invisible points.