Create Icon

The Create Icon tool lets you cut out a rectangular section of the screen and save it as an image file. This is different from taking a Snapshot which will capture the entire screen as an image file. You have several options for how to select the rectangle

  • corner to opposite corner
  • center to corner
  • corner to center

There is also an option button to let you specify a specific ratio for the sides of the rectangle such as 1:1, 1:2, etc. The “custom ratio” option uses the currently selected Fixed Size Icon to create the ratio. For example, if the current icon is 200x500 then the ratio of the icon will be 2:5. For the Create Fixed Size Icon this would also define the size, but for the Create Icon tool it only defines a ratio. One problem you might encounter when creating icons is accidentally changing the icon size when lifting your finger from the screen. To prevent this, there are “lock” buttons that allow you to lock the size. Here’s an example of creating an icon.

When you lift you finger, a dialog will appear showing you the section clipped from the screen. If you want, you can then modify the image before it’s saved. You can change its transparency (“Fade Out”), add a tint to it (“Add Tint”), include or exclude any attached Background Image, include or exclude the Table Color, or change how tint and fading are applied to the image. Press the Options button on the dialog to see these choices. When you press “OK”, the image will be saved. After it’s saved it can be viewed through the View Snapshots option in the tray. From there you can can share it or delete it.