Reshape Side

The Reshape Side tool will adjust the Bezier Points on the side of certain paths (polygons and segments) so that the side is reshaped into either:

  1. a custom shape defined using either the Sample Bezier Point Tool or the Custom Transformation Dialog (explained below)
  2. or a stock shape such as a half circle, an inverted half circle, a sine wave, or one of several other preset Bezier Point configurations. These are only approximations since, for example, it's not possible to make an exact half circle using only one or two bezier points.

Press the top button to select either Stock Shape or Custom Shape then use the next option button to cycle through the preset shapes or the custom shapes. Drag your finger across the line connecting the vertices to change the direction of the reshaping. For the Custom Shapes, you can also mirror the shapes across the x and y axes defined by this line (the one connecting the vertices) and a virtual line perpendicular to its center.


For information on capturing custom shapes from an existing shape, see the Sample Bezier Shape tool. To directly edit a Custom shape, you can use the Custom Transformation Dialog shown in the video below.