The Text tool lets you place a fixed size string of text on the page. The size is determined by the Paint Attributes and the Text Attributes. If you want to dynamically change the size of the text, you’d want to use the Text Dynamic tool. Text is added to a model by first entering it in the text field at the bottom of the screen and then tapping the location where you’d like to place it. You can also drag your finger around the screen to reposition it. Once you lift your finger, the position is set. The position defined is the lower left corner of the text. Normal Snapping Behavior applies. There are some important facts about paints and fonts that you should be aware of. The text will be drawn using the current paint attributes so take care how you configure your Paint Layers. The font will be the same for every paint layer, but you have many, many options for configuring Paint, not simply the text size and color. Stroke Style has an impact on how the text is rendered. For instance, using only a “stroke” style rather than a “stroke-and-fill” style will give you hollow letters. You might want that. You might not. Just be aware that if the text doesn’t look the way you want it, then you should check your paint attributes of each of your Paint Layers and the text attributes (which apply to all layers). Here’s an example.