Regular Polygon

A Regular Polygon is a polygon where all its sides and angles are equal. There are four Regular Polygon tools, one for 3-12 sides, one for 13-32 sides, one for 33-64 sides, and one for 65-128 sides. This is simply for convenience to reduce the number of options during construction. The four tools work exactly the same. You can construct a regular polygon in the following ways.

  • Center to side
  • Side to center
  • Center to vertex
  • Vertex to center
  • Mark side
  • Mark half side (vertex then midpoint)
  • Mark half side (midpoint then vertex)
  • Vertex to opposite side or opposite vertex (depending on if the polygon has an even or odd number number of sides)
  • Side to opposite vertex or oppsoite side (depending on if the polygon has an even or odd number number of sides)

You can use the Drag Contraints button to control the horizontal and vertical orientation of the polygon. On the Regular Polygon tool, the Drag Constraint button has one extra option. It allows you to rotate the polygon at in small angle increments based on its number of sides. This is to allow you to exactly position the sides of the polygon horizontally or vertically. Of course, you can also specify the number of Bezier Points on each side using the Bezier Points button. Here’s an example of Regular Polygon construction.