Point by Intersection

The Point by Intersection tool allows you to construct a Point at the intersection of two lines. The initial touch defines one point of the first line. While keeping your finger on the screen, drag it to another location and tap the Mark Button

to define the other end point for the first line. After the first line is defined, keep your finger on the Paper, drag it to another location, and tap the mark button to define the first point on the second line. The last point of the second line is defined where you lift your finger from the Paper so simply drag it to another spot and pick it up. If these lines intersect, a Point will be created at the point of intersection. You can control the orientation of the intersecting lines using the Drag Constraint button
button. By default, you can drag in any direction, but if you need to, you can restrict the dragging to horizontal or vertical. Normal Snapping Behavior applies when defining guide points. Here’s an example: