Circular Ring

The Circular Ring tool is similar to the Circle tool except that instead of a circle, it creates a circle with a circular hole in the middle, that is, a ring. This means that you have to define not one radius but two. The second Option Button sets the construction method. These construction methods are identical to those for the Circle tool except that after you’ve set the initial radius, the second radius is set by moving your finger either further outward (to create the outer radius) or further inward (to create the inner radius). The construction methods are:

  • Center to point on circumference (either inner or outward)
  • Point on circumference (either inner or outer) to center
  • Point on circumference to the opposite point on circumference (either inner or outer)

Here’s an example of the three construction methods:

The third option allows you to align the second point (in the constructions methods above) either horizontally, vertically, or along a specific vector with the first point. Finally, the first option button lets you set the Snapping Points. These are invisible points on both the inner and outer circles that allow you to snap to other paths (for instance, Line Segments directly to those points. See Snapping for more information.