Clip Path

The Clip Path tool is used to cut away a section of a path using another path as a stencil for the cut. The initial touch will select the path to be clipped. Keep you finger on the screen, drag it to the desired clipping path, and then press the Mark Button

You have two options for clipping: intersection or difference. Intersection will retain the section of the selected path where the two paths (the initial path and the clipping path) intersect. Difference will retain the portion of the selected path where the two paths differ. You can also elect to delete the clipping path as part of the construction. Note that even though the path is clipped, it will still retain its existing Snapping Points. The only difference between the clipped path and the original path is that a portion of it is no longer drawn. One important note: If the path being clipped is below the clipping path, then the final clipped path may be hidden beneath the clipping path. Here’s an example of clipping.

Use the Unclip tool to undo the clipping.