The UnBind tool works on Bind paths and Flower paths (which are actually themselves a kind of Bind path). What it does is sever the connections between the bound paths so that they can again be manipulated independently. There is one important point to keep in mind though. When unbinding you have two options:

  • Breakdown to Next Bind Level
  • Breakdown To Elementary Paths

The first option, “Breakdown to Next Bind Level”, will only affect Bind paths that themselves contains other Bind paths. This options allows you to break down the path so that any of its Bind path components stay bound.

Here’s an example of breaking down to the next bind level:

The second option, “Breakdown to Elementary Paths”, breaks down the path to its “atomic” parts. This includes breaking down any Bind paths that are themselves components of the path.

Here’s an example of breaking down a path to its elementary parts: